Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strawberry-Rhubarb pie

This is my beloved Strawberry rhubarb pie :) I baked this myself, well.... I cheated, I bought the ready-to-bake pie crust and just mix the filling myself, but still, I BAKED IT! The only thing is...

... It has no rhubarb inside >__<

cos I couldn't find them in the store today :(


  1. mmmmm hungryyyyyyyyyy


  2. i hope u finished drawing your pie before it got cold :D

  3. Thanks for your comment, Sandy! But, you seem to be doing great with the watercolor to me! What I have done recently to loosen up a little, is read some books by Charles Reid. I checked several out from the library. He has to be the king of "loose"!

    Your drawings and watercolors are all very good!