Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grouse Mountain/Capilano River

While the sun is still here, I went to Grouse Mountain with my parents today. Both of them are very impatient, it was hard to convince them to just sit and chill for 10-20 minutes so I could do some sketches, well... I did what I could:

Lunchtime while we were waiting for the food, I sketched my mom.

This is my dad, when we were stuck in the traffic on Lion's gate bridge on the way home I started this sketch, but then we passed the bridge before I could finish it so I'll have to finish it some other time in his car.

Speed painting of Capilano river. Did it when my parents went to the other side of the river taking pictures. It was beautiful there :)


  1. I like the water color one a lot. The reflections and the color tones look very nice. Maybe the trees could have more detail but I know this one was a quick painting :)

  2. I know I've already commented on these on flickr, but I wanted to add to it. Have you ever been to ? I think that is why, when I see the sketch of your mother, I expect her mouth to start moving!! Such great work, especially when you feel the pressure of those around you wanting to get going. My husband does try, but I do still feel it which puts pressure on me sometimes!

  3. Hi Sandy, I am loving all the sketchbook work you've got on your blog here! Your watercolors are making me want to pick up my brush! Keep it up!