Thursday, July 22, 2010


Went to the Proms at Royal Albert Hall last night, the music was great, I had a great time :) I painted the hall while enjoying the music. I think I really enjoy painting so much more when listening to classical music, shall do that more form now on.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

lunch sketch

Did this today sitting at Curzon cafe next to work. I really like their cafe, it's never too crowed even during lunch time, nice soft cushion seats, big glass windows, I like the music they play in the background too, it's always air conditioned which is very comfortable especially in this very hot, polluted soho area. Oh I know why no one comes here now, their coffee are more expensive than other places that's true, but I do like their Americano, perfect thickness, I much prefer coming here for a break than the MilkBar everyone goes to, I still not quite sure why everyone goes to MilkBar, their coffee doesn't taste very good (I only drink Americano though, the closest thing I can find to filtered coffee, not many places do drip coffee in london, strange isn't it) and they never fill the full cup, always just give you half cup, staff aren't very friendly either...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend sketches

Sat we went to the Welcome Collections at Euston Square. This is the view outside their cafe. Don't really like this painting at all, didn't use the colour well, kinda lack of depth :S oh well... though I'd post it anyway,

Later in the afternoon we went to Starbucks at Carnaby street for a rest before dinner.

Did this painting of Angus at 606 club Sat evening, it was a nice Jazz club, I enjoyed the music, food was average. On Sunday, we went to Carluccio's at Canary Wharf again for the best Tiramisu :) It's really a pleasant place to hangout for the afternoon, staff were very friendly, Tiramisu is the best I've had in London.

Face studies

All of sudden I become obsessed with drawing faces, I just really want to be very good at it but I know it takes practice so I guess I'll just have to draw a lot of them, I'm getting faster though.

Varies studies of Alper, I like the first one better.

This one is drawn from a photo Justin took at the Karate Kid Premiere at Leicester Square, I hope this looks like who he supposed to be... well, if not then blame Justin, it's not a very good photo he took! :P

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I randomly came by Wendy Macnaughton's Blog yesterday and got very inspired. So I painted this from a picture. Man... portraits are hard!

Did this in last night's video cam meeting. I sat at the back row.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The slug and Lettuce

It was very hot last Saturday. I went to Canary Wharf station, where all the restaurants are, sat across from "The slug and Lettuce". I've never been there, perhaps it is because of their name, just doesn't sound very delicious :P

Sunday, July 04, 2010

at the park

I did this one sitting at Seven dials in Covent Garden the other day.

This is was in the Soho park at lunch time, some quick gestures. each of them took 30secs to a min. I like when London is sunny and warm so I can just sit outside and draw :D