Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some quick sketches

Some quick sketches I did in the past weeks and today. It's good to be back in London, there are just so many places I can go and draw :)

Did this 2 weeks ago just outside where I live along the riverside.

Went to the British museum last week and did this quick sketch by their Gift shop.

Went out with Justin today, walked along the Thames by the Tower Bridge.

Did this one super quick as we realized its actually quite cold to sit outside.

Sat at Strada by the river, they have a fabulous view of the Tower Bridge and the Thames.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

From the Trip

I went back to Vancouver for 2 weeks last month and went on a road trip with parents to Banff for 5 days. Only did these 2 sketches, was kinda a rushing trip, especially with parents, they always want to get from place to place, wanted to see every single mountain and lake :P Oh well... it was a great trip, the Canadian Rockies were truly amazing, everyone should go visit at least once I think :)


Canadian Rockies