Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Edinburgh Trip

Went up to Edinburgh for the long weekend. It was a nice break from the Soho area in London. Wish it was warmer though, can not believe it is May and it was 3C outside in the evening there. I didn't bring enough warm clothes, had to wear my PJs underneath and everything else I had on top of that. These are few of the sketches from the bunch I did.

I think the water in London are not very watercolour friendly. It's very hard to paint for some reason, the water doesn't seem to stay on the paper, it was never like that in Vancouver :(

Went to the Sandy Bells pub :) It was really an extraordinary experience. Local musicians would spend their Sunday afternoon there performing some folk music. It's like the Sketchcrawl for us people :) But what I found fascinating was somehow those local musicians sat around together with different instruments and manage to play together in perfect harmony without even knowing each other.

On the train back to London, Alper got a new phone on the last day, he could not wait to get to London to play with his stupid new toy :P