Tuesday, July 20, 2010

lunch sketch

Did this today sitting at Curzon cafe next to work. I really like their cafe, it's never too crowed even during lunch time, nice soft cushion seats, big glass windows, I like the music they play in the background too, it's always air conditioned which is very comfortable especially in this very hot, polluted soho area. Oh I know why no one comes here now, their coffee are more expensive than other places that's true, but I do like their Americano, perfect thickness, I much prefer coming here for a break than the MilkBar everyone goes to, I still not quite sure why everyone goes to MilkBar, their coffee doesn't taste very good (I only drink Americano though, the closest thing I can find to filtered coffee, not many places do drip coffee in london, strange isn't it) and they never fill the full cup, always just give you half cup, staff aren't very friendly either...

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