Monday, September 07, 2009

PAX 09 @Seattle

Just spent a weekend at Seattle for PAX(Penny Arcade Expo) the video game expo thingy. It was quite a fun experience I must say, though it was a little too geeky/freeky for me and a lot of guy jokes around but still I saw a lot of awesome games and got to try some of them. I did a lot of waiting-in-the-line so I managed to sketch some stuff, I wish I had done more cos a lot of the people there just hold a pose and freeze when they play games:P oh well... check out my facebook album for photos I took^_^

This is a terrible sketch of Dylan, doesn't look like him at all :( I feel sorry for him. And weird, somehow almost all the people in my sketchbook look Asian.

Didn't bring my PSP with me or else I think I'd fit in more into the crowd.

Some more sketches of the people in PAX

This guy is the voice actor for Guybrush in Monkey Island. He's such a nice guy, he signed my sketch even though it looks kinda crappy, he also took a photo of it with his own camera, that made my day :)

There were tons of bean bags on the floor at the convention center, I wish they had PS3 set up near them :P

Not much going on in PAX on Sunday so I went to Barnes and Noble bookstore near by and had my starbucks :)

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