Thursday, September 10, 2009

My favorite appliance

Wanted to try out my new watercolour syringe brush I bought the other day, the one you can put water at the syringe and have a brush at the tip to paint, it's convenient for painting on location but since it's been raining the whole day so I didn't really go anywhere so I drew my favorite appliance from the kitchen. Unfortunately I didn't quite master the skill of mixing grey from green,blue and red so this is the best I could do till I buy the black colour so I don't have to mix anymore :P


  1. Great really great, I did´n know this type of pen i like iiiiiiit


  2. Thanks Señor!! It is quite handy for water colour, as you don't need to carry water around anymore :) And I did use my proper moleskine watercolour book this time :P