Saturday, September 26, 2009

Self portrait 02

Last night I was sitting on my bed talking on the phone, there is the long dressing mirror at the end of the bed where I can sort of see myself cos it's kinda far. I decided to start a new moleskine, this time with the moleskine cahier pocket size. The reason is I always hesitate to draw faces with ink on my sketchbook cos I don't wanna ruin the good quality pages, with this cahier journal, all the pages are just plain notebook paper, I might be able to feel more free to draw, we'll see about that. As for what's gonna be in this particular journal, I thought about only doing self-portraits but then there is a very high chance that I will get sick of my own face before halfway thru this book, so I donno yet, follow my heart...


  1. good luck on your interview! ink, way to go! i did a lot of self portraits for years before i started working on other faces. it's tough to find someone to sit long enough to get it right. i know what you mean about the cahier style paper. it is far too thin and ink does show through in a strong ghost image on the next page.

  2. Heeey! getting better from previous one! Journal of self portrait sounds like a good idea :P

  3. Thanks Joseph!!

    When I'm done with this book David, you can vote on which one looks closest to the real Sandy :P