Monday, September 14, 2009

Dr. Sketchy

These are some Dr. Sketchy's drawings I did tonight. It was my first time, I had tons of fun!! The model was Red from a local band Pink Flamingo Burlesque. Love all her poses, very sexy and creative. If you have never been to Dr.Sketchy should come next time on Oct 4th. Or if you are not from Vancouver should check out your local Dr.Sketchy's schedule :)

1-5 minutes short poses, done in mechanical pencil.

5 minutes poses, done in Ink

10 minutes poses, Ink(and some green pastel), the last one was done in pencil.

20 minutes pose, mechanical pencil

20 minute pose, Ink

20 minute pose, the one before this was kinda done terribly, so I tried something different, I tried not to break the lines as much and gave it minimum shading.

20 minute pose, Ink(kinda feel bad that I drew her face almost like a man :( I'm so scared of drawing faces cos each time that's what destroy the whole drawing!)


  1. wowsas! these are really great drawings. expressive, evocative and all that!.
    I watched your reel. You are a fantastic animator. The dude on the telephone is priceless.

  2. She looks very handsome! hahah :D