Sunday, September 20, 2009

24th Sketchcrawl @Vancouver

Today I joined the Sketchcrawl 24th meet up @Vancouver. It is a world wide event where artists from different places meet up locally and spend a day sketch around in the city. It was quite fun today and I got to meet some very talented artists too:) Mr.Sun didn't do us the favor, only showed up a little bit, but it didn't rain though. These are some sketches we did together:

Inside the Central Pacific Waterfront station, we were sitting around drawing random people

More random people (Except Jan)

Street performer

Outside the Waterfront shopping center where we did out last sketch of the day
-Ink, watercolour-

These are the people I drew with.
from left to right: Jan, Leo, Jonathan, Edison (Dylan went too, but he left before this picture was taken)


  1. Great drawings! The watercolor of the shopping center turned out really well.

  2. nice drawings Sandy! the guitar drawing is awesome