Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Neighbour's house

I never really like doing sketches of landscapes or buildings. I don't really like painting trees. When I was in boarding school in U.K. I took Art for 2 years in A-level, My final year project I did trees, cos at that time I thought trees are the easiest to draw and you can't really go wrong with it, not like portraits. So I painted trees for the whole year, oil/charcoal/ink, you name it, in the end I just got so sick of everything I made my final piece a tree made of blowing ink on paper. Basically I just poured some dark ink on paper and blow it with a straw into tree branches shape or something like that I don't quite remember, all I remember was that my cheeks and my whole face hurt like crazy after 2 hours of blowing into the straw. I don't remember ever painted trees after that. Then I got in University doing Architecture so all I did was going places sketching buildings, when we went on field trips, sketchbooks would get graded, I hate that, so I never really enjoy sketching buildings either back then ...

... till now

Ok, that was a little story of how horrible an artist I am. Anyhow, I must say I really enjoy painting this one, though I hate how the trees turn out and I forgot to paint the chimney :D oh well...


  1. great style of sketching - love the building =)

  2. yeah i agree with sharon.... i can picture this for the background of a short film...! screw modeling backgrounds, we'll just get you to paint them with watercolour!

  3. Nowadays I love painting more than animation, David maybe I'm pursuing the wrong career this whole time??

  4. Don't give up animation! you're an amazing animator!
    Maybe combine both :D