Saturday, September 19, 2009

@ Sophie's on 4th

I bought myself a bigger size moleskine sketchbook today, sometimes the pocket size just isn't quite enough for the bigger pictures :) Being very excited I went in Sophie's next door afterward. A very retro diner, sometimes there is a long line, I tried once before, didn't like the food. This was my second time, didn't order food this time, other reason was I'm kinda against the idea of eating alone in a restaurant, eating to me is a social activity seems. However when I have my moleskines, it's a different story, I kinda like being by myself nowadays more than I ever was. This bald man in my sketch demanded me to turn my sketchbook over and show him, so I did and he didn't comment, hm.... maybe he didn't like that I drew him bald? Anyway, wish that I could have more time to colour it there, it is a colourful and fun place to draw, sure I will revisit it someday, so maybe I'll colour it then:)


  1. Very, very lovely drawings :D

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