Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend sketches

I bought a new fountain pen, as I always wanted, I finally got it, the pink Lamy :) And I did some sketches, I like the uneven ink flow of the fountain pen. Since I have to press slightly harder for the ink to come out, it gives my sketches this comic look.

I tried to paint over my sketch, didn't realise the ink is not waterproof :P so I went back to my Pigma Micron pen for the watercolours. I shall order some waterproof ink next time.


  1. I guess I stopped checking in so frequently when you didn't post for a while. I see I've been missing quite a bit. Really like what you're doing! Excellent!

  2. Lovely watercolors and pen drawings, there is nothing better then a good pen to work with! :)

  3. Awesome work Sandy. Hope all is going well for you.