Sunday, August 01, 2010

woman portrait

I find it extremely hard to paint female portraits, they never look who they were supposed to be, so I'm not even gonna say who this is meant to be, assume this is just some woman portrait I paint off a picture. I still enjoy it alot, especially the colouring part, I wish there is a colouring book for adult water colour enthusiasts, like me :) So I don't have to sketch them myself in order to paint. I do enjoy sketching as well but it can be discouraging when it doesn't turn out looking so womanly.


  1. Gorgeous :) I like the new look on your blog :D

  2. HEY! nice study Sandy.
    and yes. the new look on your blog is nice too. :)

  3. oh thanks guys! Ya... it's time to add some colour to this blog, I really like the creamy colour as background, just as how I like my moleskine ^_^