Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back from London

I'm glad this is just a blog. Not a plant or a pet. After almost 2 years of neglect it is still here for me :P I have moved from London back to Vancouver few months ago. I must admit it was very hard to pick up the paint brush while I was in London. There were just so much other things to do. I had met many Lovely friends through Lomography and often went out shooting photos with them (check out my Flickr for the photos I took over the years with my analogue cameras) Either that or I was too busy trying out new restaurants or doing shopping on Oxford street. I felt bad, I really wanted to paint more but I felt that I just couldn't do them anymore as how I liked before I went to London. I must have changed I thought!

And then I moved back to Vancouver and somehow I started to paint again. I used to carry multiple cameras in my bag everyday when I was in London, so I wouldn't miss any photo opportunities. Now I put my moleskine back in my bag, together with my pens and brushes. I found it very hard to shoot here, I'm just driving everywhere, I don't walk on the street much. I miss walking in SOHO passing by all sort of men, women, men dressed like women...etc. Time seems to be passing very slow here in Van. A lot of time I go to the same cafe and sit at the same window seat just stare outside at the same old tree. I think painting fit in much better in this life style. Of course I miss those weekend trips to different European cities too. Traveling seems to be a big deal here in North America and there aren't many places I can just go for a weekend. And I miss all my friends in London :(

lunch doodle

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  1. cool sandy! those are nice painting =)