Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Japanese Album Vol.01

Finally!!! After 2 months, my first Japanese album moleskine is done! The London Tube project is finally done

I've always been complaining not have enough time to draw, where did all my time gone? I spend average 70 minutes a day being in the tube staring at strangers, so I figured I might as well draw them. It's been hard and weird trust me, how would you feel if you know someone stares at you every 5 seconds? I donno, I've never been stared. Some of them would be very kind and nicely pose for me, many of the others would just pretend they were not aware by simply closing their eyes or starting to read, where few of them would just move away... I only draw the person right in front of me, I guess it's less obvious that I'm staring. Some of these sketches are really bad, like... REALLY BAD! Wrong proportions, extra shoulder/arm, or missing head and feet:( Oh well, I did my best, hope you guys enjoy it too. I think I'll have to do at least 10 books to be able to see the improvement, in the mean time I'll start my second book :)

Here is the link of the long scan I did of the Book, as well as these pages below:


  1. Wow!!! That is so cool!!!
    Ever drawn the same person twice? haha

  2. Thanks guys :) And yes David, I drew 2 of the people twice on a different day. Can you spot them? haha

  3. whoaa! what a cool idea! good drawings too sandy! =D