Thursday, April 22, 2010

gbk Soho

Went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen today for lunch with some colleagues. These are the people sat at the table near us. I have to say... I really really love Asian food, I really do. I really can't do burgers for more than once every... 2 months probably. I think gbk is probably one of the decent burger places around but really, It's just too dry and greasy for me. It made me feel kinda sick and gross for the whole afternoon though I only just ate 1/3 of mine :( It's like McDonald's, once in a while I'll crave for it and as soon as I take my first bite I feel like I don't ever wanna eat it again.

This is the new Japanese album Moleskine I bought for a new project. I only just started 2 days ago, the unfolded page is like couple of meters long so I think it's gonna take me awhile to finish (hopefully within 2 months) And then I'll upload a video of the images :) It's gonna be fun, can't wait to get it all done!! ^_^

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  1. great!! that fold out moleskin seems like a pretty cool idea.