Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the kitchen in my house. I did this while waiting for the turkey to be cooked in the oven. I had a great thanksgiving and the turkey was fantabulous!! ^_^


  1. Greeeeeat, colour we want colour hehe


  2. This is a great sketch Sandy! I didn't realize Canada celebrated Thanksgiving, so at first I thought this must have been from a previous year! I learn so much getting to know people from around the globe!

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Lovely - you have such an elegant, spare use of line.
    I was also taken aback by the mention of Thanksgiving - then I remembered one year I spent in Canada - after Thanksgiving I kept expecting Christmas to be right around the corner.....

  4. Thanks everyone! I just got recovered from a stomach attack by the turkey dinner/lunch/leftovers. And yes Raena, it's a great thing to get to know people and their cultures from their drawings isn't it :)