Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Illustrated Life

Couple of days ago, I bought a book from this bookstore I went while I was waiting for my mom. "An illustrated life" by Danny Gregory. This book has changed me in so many ways. For the longest I was convinced I can not draw, it would be a waste of time if I even try, neither would I enjoy it. This book has convinced me otherwise. It is basically a book with full of sketches and illustrated journals from all sorts of people and stories about them, Some of those people have never even been to an art school. You don't really have to be an artist to enjoy drawing. Don't ever feel shamed of your sketches even they look like they are from a 3-year-old kid, it's all about expressing yourself. keeping an illustrated journal strike me as fantastic idea, I went to buy a Moleskine from Opus, luckily they are on sale till end the Aug. For those who never enjoyed drawing in their lives like me, maybe should go and check out this book, it is a very inspiring book!

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  1. Just read thru your blog! Great idea~! Interesting read :)